Master Cucumber

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8888 uniqueMaster Cucumbers NFT

A NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain

A mysterious Cucumber is hidden into the collection.
Mint him and you will earn 10 Ethereum!

One day, cucumbers will rule the world (expected after cats if all goes well). So take advance and adopt one of them. Because soon it will be too late…

Total minted: - / 8888



18th September 2021
8:00 am UTC


1 Master Cucumber will be airdropped to 15 Master Cucumbers random owners.


5 Ethereum donation to
"Save the children".


Online video game.


1 Ethereum will be airdropped to 3 Master Cucumber NFT owner.


6 Ethereum will be allocated to buy back some of the Master Cucumbers on OpenSea. Keep yours!


Metaverse creation.


Cucumber example



You see in this world, there is two kinds of people my friend. Those with minted cucumbers and those without.

Cucumber example

Maestro Cucumber

Blockchain enthusiast / Graphist

When you have to mint, mint, don't talk!

Cucumber example

Memo Angeles


The one beside cucumber traits. Discover his amazing work on Instagram.


What is Master Cucumber?

Master Cucumber is a 8888 unique NFTs collection on the Ethereum blockchain.

What price costs each Master Cucumber?

The price is 0.05 Ethereum per NFT + gas fee. Minting is limited to 5 Master Cucumbers per transaction.

When is the reveal of each Master Cucumber?


How Master Cucumbers are created?

Each Master Cucumber is randomly generated, from dozens of traits in the following categories:
backgrounds, body, eyes, mouth, head.
Each one is totally unique. Especially the Mysterious one, hidden in the collection.

What is the Mysterious Master Cucumber?

The Mysterious Master Cucumber is very special. Unique eyes, unique mouth and unique head. He is the king. And the first owner will earn 10 Ethereum.

Will there be any royalties?

Yes, 3% royalties for the second market.

Where can I see all minted Master Cucumbers?

You can see all Master Cucumbers on OpenSea.